In the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia is the city of Armstrong; home of Noble Distribution Canada. Since 1994, the wholesale company has grown and expanded to include a wide range of equine product lines.

From saddles to ropes, blankets to boots, fly protection to apparel, we offer a broad selection of quality products for all your recreational and performance horse needs.

Our goal is to provide retail outlets across the country with quality products, service and knowledge so that they may provide their customers with the same. Please browse our site for information on the products we distribute. Ifyou wish to make a purchase, please contact one of our dealers. You can find a dealer near you on the Dealer Locator page.


Lubrisyn Ha

Lubrisyn HA is an oral application of high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is the main component of synovial fluid within all joints. As we age or with injury this begins to breakdown causing pain and inflammation. Taken by mouth daily, LubrisynHA works to replenish the fluid in the joint to reduce the symptoms of arthritis, with users seeing results in 7-10 days.

For additional product information visit www.lubrisyn.com


NEW from Rattler Rope, the Triton4. The first ever blend of 3 separate and specifically developed fibers makes this rope innovation a triple-threat weapon for winning. Add the Triton to your rope arsenal. Available in both head and heel ropes.

Made with CoreTech technology that is backed by 20 years of rope innovation.

For additional information on the Trition4 and other Rattler Rope products, visit www.equibrand.com


NEW from Rattler Rope, the Spitfire is the first-professional breakaway rope of its kind.

Made specifically to reach and rope the neck, the Spitfire is uniquely made with a customized process using technologically advanced fibers. The enhanced tip has a weighted feel helping to know where the loop is and guiding it to the intended target.

For additional information on the Spitfire and other Rattler Rope products visit www.equibrand.comĀ 

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We supply our customers with tried and true quality from brands that believe in the balance between time honoured tradition and continual innovation.

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